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Anjali Arora and Urfi Javed were seen burning the floor in sexy outfits on the occasion of Anjali Arora’s birthday. Anjali Arora shared the video of her birthday party which features Urfi Javed and her ex Paras.

video purporting to be of Anjali Arora has gone widespread on social media in the last few days. Still, many people feel that it is not her in the video and that district Rohtas Ji is behind the attempt to tarnish her reputation with it. It doesn’t prove that the popular video has more Anjali occurring. The subject of Anjali Arora’s journalistic activities is still being debated because of the millions of Alwars she has on social media.

Anjali Arora was born on November 3, 1999. At this time, she is 22 years old. He’s a big fan of acting, and his Punjabi songs, such as Pyaar, Tera Vargi, and others, are popular on YouTube. Arora broadcasts regular dancing videos on her Instagram account.

What Is Truth Video Truth Video

The girl’s identity in this video has not yet been established, and some people feel that Anjali Arora is not in this video. Because of this video, she shouldn’t have been maligned. When Anjali Arora wasn’t around, it’s possible that she didn’t see this video and hence didn’t respond.

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Anjali Arora, who garnered popularity with her “Kaccha Badam” dance routines. The public’s fascination with her has not waned since then. However, a video of Anjali Arora sent via MMS is currently getting popular on social media. When she is seen tapping with a young man in this photo, It’s a surprise to Anjali Arora’s admirers and all of her pals that this MMS viral video has landed. There is a lot of speculation that this MMS viral video of Anjali Arora is not her. An uncannily similar-looking female character may be found in this video. However, Anjali Arora has yet to respond to this viral MMS video. Please be aware that Anjali Arora’s boyfriend made the news some time ago. According to the speculation, she has a boyfriend in this viral MMS video with Anjali.

Anjali Arora’s private video goes viral on social media

A 15-Minute MMS Video Goes Viral Extremely Quickly on Social Media. Tiktok Star Raw is said to be in this video, according to those who have seen it. Anjali Arora, aka “Badam Girl,” is the person behind the moniker. Anjali Arora hasn’t gotten a response from the audience, but this video is gaining traction on the WhatsApp Twitter group.

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