Please stay miles away from such people & such scenes @PrithviShaw

Please Stay miles Away Form Such People & Such Scenes @prithviShaw

New Delhi: Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw has landed in a fresh controversy as he went for dinner with his friends at a hotel in Mumbai on Wednesday where he clicked a selfie to demand a second time from some fans, it is being reported by Sport Desk. After this, angry fans vandalized the car of Prithvi Shaw’s friend. A complaint was lodged at the Oshiwara police station regarding this matter. The police also arrested a girl named Panna Gill.

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According to the information Sapna Girl Will now be produced in court on Friday, February 17. At present, no crossfire has been conducted from the side of the accused. Oshiwara police in Mumbai registered a complaint including the statement of Prithvi Shah’s friend and arrested 8 people under various sections of the IPC.

‘Prithvi assaulted Sapna. A stick is visible in the hands of Prithvi. Prithvi’s friends fight with the first group. Sapna is currently at Oshiwara police station and the police is not allowing her to go for medical

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