Sahara India investors hold massive protest

Over hundreds of people including Sahara India’s agents and investors held a massive protest against Sahara Group on Friday. Their protest continued on the fourth day demanding immediate payment of MIS and maturity amount to the depositors.

“Indefinite dharna is being organized at Sahara India’s Zonal Office across the country including Sahara India’s Zonal Office at Bokaro Steel City Sector 4 for the demand of payment,” informed NK Kushwaha, Vice President (National) of National Niveshak Morcha.

Despite giving several written complaints to the Government of India as well as many state governments, they have taken no action or initiation towards this vital issue, he said.

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“Thousands of workers and depositors have committed suicide across the country due to non-payment from Sahara; however, the Government of India is not taking any action on this despite the fact that it has written complaints several times,” added Kushwaha.

The management is making false excuses for embargoes of the Sahara SEBI dispute. “Stop making us fools, ” he said adding, “Our demand is to arrest all Sahara officials, including the zonal manager, for not making payments. And the government makes the arrangement for immediate payments of MIS and maturity amount to the depositors.”

Besides others, Janardan Mishra, Ajay Chowdhary, Subhashish Dubey, Chandrashekhar Singh, Vikram Kumar, Vikas Mahato, Lalit Saw, Raj Kumar, Kamal Lochan, Nayyar Azam, Ashok Prasad, Ashok Ram, Chandan Kumar, Dhananjay Kumar, Sanjit Singh, Jitendra Mishra, Pravin Narayan Lal, Govardhan Prasad were present there.


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